Friday, October 2, 2009


As of two days ago, our part of getting our dossier together is FINISHED. Every document, certificate, signature, notarization that is our responsibility is finished.

At this point, we need three things to send our dossier off to Ethiopia:
1. I-171H (form from USCIS)
2. Passports (copies need to be included in the dossier).
3. $7200 (the next fees due, which included translation of our dossier and courier fees).

#1 and #2 are a waiting guess is 4-6 weeks for each of them.
And the $7200? Now that the dossier is off my plate, let the fundraising efforts begin! Stay tuned!


Jennifer M said...

WOOO HOOO!! Do you hear me jumping and shouting for joy?!?!



Anonymous said...

wow!! amzaing, I just finished readding your whole blog (I'm all cought up on the journey!!) I'm so glad we got to talk the other day!! I'm so excited for you and to keep up with all that happens.