Thursday, August 5, 2010

Update from Ethiopia!

Ashlie just sent me this lovely note via facebook!  I know she's frustrated with being stranded in Ethiopia until they get Embassy clearance to leave the country with her new son Easton, but I so appreciate how she uses her time to bless the rest of us who have children waiting for us!  Thank you, Ashlie!

We got to spend some quality time with L***** today!!! I was at the TH around 2:00 with another family. They have a women traveling with them,and she held L***** for over an hour!!! She is doing good! A little rumble in her chest but no coughing. She is still very tiny, compared to Easton. Her features are very delicate. The nannies love her a lot, you can tell that she is special to them. I hope it does your heart happy to hear that you baby girl is doing well.
Hope you get to her soon~ Ashlie

(Just as we can't publish pictures of Karis until she is legally our daughter, we can't tell you her given name.  It's very cute, though, and we plan on keeping it as her middle name.  Funny to me that her initials will be in alphabetical order...KLM). :)


AK said...

even stranded that is exciting!!!

T said...

so start her off on the path to CDO on the right foot. so her mommy isn't tormented her whole life because her name is not alphabetically correct. good thinking!! :)

Debb said...

Awwww......that just fills my heart. I can only imagine what it does for your hearts! God is holding your precious daughter in His Loving arms. May your wait feel short. Hugs ~