Monday, June 15, 2009


Just got this email from our home study coordinator:

I received your home study packet towards the end of last week - thank you! I did want to inform you that your FBI prints were rejected - don't worry - this happens more than you'd think. The reason that they gave was that there was some sort of issue with how the prints were taken. I am going to mail you a new fingerprint card, along with the notice from the FBI. You will need to have your prints re-done for the FBI only. The AK check came back fine. So, I will get this mailed out today.

*sigh* Just as the officer doing my prints the first time suspected. A minor bump in the road.

So, I'm hoping the new cards get here before Friday, the only day our PD does them, so that we aren't essentially waiting two more weeks. Guess who'll be moisturizing her hands like crazy this week...


Jennifer M said...

Bummer! Corn huskers lotion is the secret. I have no idea why Corn Huskers as opposed to anything else, but that's what "everyone" says to use. Even the lady at our USCIS station had a bottle of it that she used on us before we did the electronic ones. Mom failed too the first time, and I put her on a regimented Corn Huskers hand diet, and she passed the second time around.

Praying your prints "pop!" this Friday. :-) (That sounds funny to say, doesn't it?)

Jennifer M said...

P.S. I should have clarified, "Mom failed the ink prints too the first ..." Electronic is awesome because they just keep redoing it. Ink is definitely where she failed the first time before she started bathing her hands in Corn Huskers.