Wednesday, August 12, 2009

For lack of a better word...

I know the word "weird" isn't exactly descriptive, not on the top ten list of words used by skilled writers. But sometimes it works for lack of a better descriptor.

I took the kids on a Tot Time field trip to the fire department on Monday. There was only one other mom from MP; most were from S, so I didn't really know any of them.

At some point during the tour, it came up that the volunteer firefighter giving the tour was pregnant, and the questions revolved around how that would affect her work at the station. And lo and behold, there were at least 2 other moms there who were also pregnant, all of them due around the same time.

The conversation turned to morning sickness, prenatal yoga, and due dates.

I wanted to chime in just as excitedly, just as eager to share my news as they were to share theirs. "I'm expecting a baby, too!"

But imagine the conversation.
"Oh congratulations! How are you feeling?"
"Would you like to come to prenatal yoga with us?"
"Well, um, thank you, but..."
"Well, when are you due?"
"Hopefully by next Christmas!"

Seriously. How does one interject into a conversation like that with a bunch of strangers?
I only saw one not to. (Yes, one of our favorite lines to repeat from the movie Cars).

I don't fault the other women one bit, and I'm sure they would have been excited for me if I had shared. But the whole feeling I had during their conversation was a brand-new experience for me, and it was


Jennifer M said...

Yes! (I'm smiling/chuckling right now in total understanding.)

I can empathize well. I'd like to say it gets easier, and in some ways it does as I became more comfortable with the answers to those questions, and could rattle them off without creating an awkward situation for everyone. However there are just some discussions I just can't participate in, and that still feels... weird.

A Stafford said...

Hi! Connected with you through PJ Academy/The Stums blogs and am praying for your family as you jump through all the adoption hurdles to bring your daughter home.

This entry really rang true with me as when we were waiting for our daughter to come home I would find myself in the same types of situations. It's kind of a hurt feeling, but also kind of just an odd feeling.

I found even those who weren't strangers didn't include me in their mental "expectant mother" category and that was tough. (I did finally realize after our daughter came home that some were just not aware how to handle an unfamiliar situation and others felt that maybe it wouldn't work out, and they didn't want to "get my hopes up".)

Hope your "due date" comes soon!

Apryl said...

I birthed elephant siblings--I hope your addition doesn't take as long :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog!
ps. Many, many more weird conversations will plague you now that you are adopting. Its good to just laugh about it.