Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Home Study visits are today!

We would be grateful for your prayers for a good visit with the social worker a mere 2 hours! This will be Judy's first and only time to our house, which, incidentally, hasn't had a drop of running water since Saturday night. Not exactly the "tip top" shape I was striving for.

She will interview Mark first, who also, incidentally, hasn't had more than 5 hrs. of straight sleep a night for over a week now. Yes, that's directly related to our water situation.

Then she'll talk with both of us together, particularly about parenting our three angelic cherubs whiney kids who are overtired from VBS all week and are missing daddy time, since he's been spending an inordinate amount of time with our water system down in the basement.

Do you see now why I'm asking for prayer? Thanks!

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Jennifer M said...

Oh wow! That sounds crazy! No water and a HS visit? Yikes! Please let us know how it went. (Sorry I didn't get this sooner.) I'm on pins and needles!