Thursday, January 14, 2010


Tonight I was filling out a form for one of our grant applications, and they ask for a breakdown of financial assitance rec'd so far.

And this is what I listed:
MP Community Church: $2200
Gifts from friends and family: $9900
Fundraisers (Read For Orphans): $1770
Just Love Coffee Store: $ 100

Isn't that AMAZING? I tell you what, our friends and family are truly the most supportive group of wonderful people we could ask for!!! We are humbled and blessed...THANK YOU!!!

Seriously, look at that. Bottom line of assistance received thus far: $13,970.

The estimated costs for our program run from $19,000-$29,000. We've taken an average of $25,000, since it's a nice easy number to work with.

With some things, we've been on the low side of the estimates (e.g: Home Study costs can be anywhere from $1200-$2800, which is one of the reasons the agency has to give such a broad total cost range...our home study was $1450).

Airfare totally depends on many factors. With that item, we know we're going to be on the high side of the range (agency estimates that airfare for 2 people will be $2500-$4000...I've searched for tickets with dates in all seasons, just to compare, and prices range from $2500-$3500 per person).

That said, we feel pretty safe with our $25,000.

And with that, my friends, we need only $11,000 more!!! A year ago, that would have seemed huge to me. Now, not quite as much!

Funny how amounts shrink as your faith grows...


Jennifer M said...

Amen!! That is so awesome! I very much admire you in all ways through this journey!

Mom M said...

Isn't it comforting and inspiring to know that God completes what He begins. We are so excited for you - and for Karis. What a special girl she must be.

Love Mom