Wednesday, January 13, 2010

On its way!!!

So here it is, in quadruplicate! (Is that even a word)?

Presenting our dossier, that embarrassingly, we started paperwork for back in March. *sigh* We just trust that this whole process, interruptions and delays and all, have been part of God's timing. When we got our information packet, it stated that "most families take 5-6 months to complete their dossier." Ha! Nearly a year! Do you know what it feels like to carry a burden of a "to-do" list for that long? At this moment I feel like I'm flying!!!

Andre, you've got a precious package here! Thanks for humoring me and letting me take your picture with our labor of love!

Dossier, dossier, on its way
Over your travel we did pray
Get to Ethiopia oh-so-fast
So our baby will have a family at last!
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inadvertent farmer said...

lol...too fuuny! Kim

Jennifer M said...

Love it!! You are now officially "paper pregnant!" "Conception" has taken place, and now you wait for the baby to make her appearance. Welcome to the club Mama-of-4-to-be!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, quadruplicate is a word.(NPP)