Wednesday, March 17, 2010

lia sophia fundraiser!

I don't know if you're familiar with lia sophia jewelry or not, but the ladies in my family have really come to love their stuff! My mom became a lia sophia advisor over a year ago, and so she graciously agreed to do a fundraiser for us!

This past Sunday we had a party here at the house, and most of the ladies who attended are also working on collecting orders from their friends and family.

Do you like jewelry? Do you have gift-giving occasions coming up? Do you have an outfit that needs an update?

You can be part of the party, too! Here's how:

Head to my mom's website:

From there, you can view the entire catalog online. Enter Wendy as the hostess, and start shopping! The entire commission on the sales, 30%, will go directly to our adoption fund! If you have any questions, just email me or my mom (her address is on her website).

The only clincher is that this fundraiser will only last through Sunday, March hurry! And if you're not in the market for any jewelry, we still need the most important support of all: Prayer! Thanks so much!

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