Wednesday, December 8, 2010

First Day/Night with Karis Lemlem

Posted on FB Tuesday afternoon:

"Karis Lemlem and I are here at the computer, and we could seriously use some prayer! She basically was inconsolable for the first hour we've been here. She did finally sleep for a bout 10 min, but the moment I moved, she was awake & crying again. And she doesn't like the bottle type I have for her either. But, she's mesmerized by the computer screen, so at least she's calm for the moment!"

(a few hours later.......)
"THANK YOU for praying! In hopes of distracting her, we went down to dinner, & I had over an hr. of smiles from her till she got fussy @ bedtime. We tried 4 different bottle/nipple combos-all met w/ crying. I finally just sat her up on my lap, held the bottle in front of her-she got it in her mouth herself, chugged it all sitting up, fell asleep, burped, & was (& still is!) snug in bed...all in 15 mins! Hallelujah!"

(Next morning.........)
"We had a fantastic night! She was asleep by 8:30 pm, then woke up @3:30 for her bottle, practically stayed asleep while drinking it, then went back to bed and I had to wake her up at 8 this morning! We're both smiling, happy campers this a.m. as we head out for our embassy appt...please pray that it goes smoothly!"

- IT girl

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Kim said...

Congratulations on Day 1!

Your story about Karis Lemlem and the bottle reminded me about our guys the first few weeks. They picked a different object than a bottle but basically all their grief and uncertainty were pinned to that one thing, and they cried inconsolably every night for a while. It might not be the bottle at all. Or it might be. But as you demonstrate compassion and care-giving, she'll learn that you're safe and loving and that she's ok.

Sounds like you're handling it really well (looking for a distraction while still holding her, so she's connected to you). So excited for you!