Monday, March 16, 2009

Mustard Seed Growing

Last week, Mark and I were really struggling in prayer on how to best handle the first installment of the program fee. Basically, the entire process hinges on getting in that first payment of $1125.

We are hoping to apply for and receive grants from more than one source, but you can't apply till you at least have your home study complete or even your dossier, neither of which can be completed, let alone started, without your first program fee.

So, we were praying on it. We have a *small* emergency fund. A little more than enough to keep Murphy away (you'll know what I mean if you listen to Dave Ramsey), but not enough to hold us for long should Mark lose his employment. So we were really torn...we had the $1125 in the bank, but what good was it to start this whole process and not be able to finish because we had a medical emergency or a car accident, etc, with no way to handle it financially? I hope you can see both our dilemma and our hearts in this whole's not easy being totally transparent!

We are just earnestly striving to be good stewards of all we have and are given. So we were in dilemma and earnest prayer about what to do. Last Monday night, we finally came to the decision to go ahead and just pay the $1125 out of our emergency fund instead of waiting for the rummage sale fundraiser that will be this coming weekend...because the expenses are just going to keep on coming anyway!

On Tuesday morning I opened my email, and saw a new email that sent me to tears. Some friends of ours recently received an unexpected bonus, and they wanted to share it with us as a show of support for this adoption. And exactly a week later, a $500 check arrived from them.

Isn't that so like God? He gives us just enough light for the step we're on. Step out in faith on Monday night, by Tuesday morning He reveals just how He's carrying you up to the next step. Praise Him with us today, would you? He's more than worth it!

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Busy1 said...

I know God works this way. He has worked this way in for Noel and I during our building process, but shamefully, how easily we forget shortly after. Thank you for sharing this encouraging reminder of God's provision. He is an awesome God!