Friday, March 20, 2009

Rummage Prayers, please!

Today is the day of our first fundraiser, and I have a certain amount of nervous anticipation about it. Seems kind of silly to be excited about a bunch of rummage, but what can I say?

I will post pics later this weekend of the set-up crew that came this past weekend. Wow-what a blessing! Our friend Scott is a missions coordinator, and he had contacted us a while back to see if we had any work for a team on Mar. 15th.

What a huge help! They had the our basement unloaded and the church filled with all manner of stuff, all organized on shelves...and all in about 3 hours. We ended up with so much stuff that we're actually keeping the furniture in the basement, and advertised that there was so much stuff, we need two locations. Praise the Lord!

So I just wanted to ask all of you to please pray that we get lots of traffic today, that tons of people turn out, that the rummage gets gone, and that hearts are generous in their offers! Thanks!

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Busy1 said...

How did it go? I'm sure you'll update us, but I'm definitely curious and thinking of you all.