Monday, March 2, 2009


It's very strange to me how seemingly insignificant details become a big deal in this process!

One encouraging step is that we've rec'd by email the initial paperwork packet to get started with from our intake coordinator. Sign some forms, start an online class, and pay our initial program fee of $1125, and we'll be assigned a family coordinator to start our dossier and home study process!

Another encouraging bit is that we qualified for AWAA's Pastor Discount, which saves us 25% on program fees...rough estimate of almost $1500!


Jennifer M said...

That's GREAT news! Every little bit seriously helps. That's almost a plane ticket right there! :-)

I Moose Alaska said...

I noticed on your "Traffic Feed" that there was someone from Lima, NY? Coincidence??

Mark and Wendy said...

Ha...that's where Jen, who left the comment above, comes through (we went to high school together and she just relocated back to the area).

VELVET said...

hey wendy! i have been following your adoption process :) and just wanted to say how great i think it is! you know i was in ethiopia when i was in africa, right? so i am totally excited you are adopting from there! i still feel a special bond with people from that country. and there are so many kids there that need loving homes. i know your new daughter will be so blessed. doesn't God work in awesome ways! :)