Sunday, March 22, 2009

Rummage Sale results!

The rummage sale yesterday was incredible in a lot of ways. Before I go into details, first here's some pics, neither very good nor plentiful, of the team that came to help us on the 15th. The team was from Mississippi, and had willing hearts and hands! What a blessing to have so much help getting set up, not to mention those from our church who stuck around to help, too.

We were equally blessed by the outpouring of love and support from our family and friends for this endeavor. Family and friends from town and church donated rummage. My mom and Rebecca came down for the day to stay with the kids, which freed Mark and I up to do whatever was needed...thank you, thank you!

Mona and Rose spent the entire day at the church, helping with customers and doing more sorting and such, and Grandma Lee (pictured below) stayed at the checkout table for us. Mark stayed in the basement of our house handling furniture sales (clever man that he is, he thought to offer delivery for a $10 fee...and it was a great thought for us and for the folks that came in small cars to buy beds)!

I said that the sale was incredible in a lot of of which is how very few customers we seemed to have. To all of us, it just seemed like a 'slow day' at the sale. Which is surprising, because we did a lot of advertising and the weather was gorgeous...a perfect day to have spring fever and go garage sale-ing. The pic below is of us packing up all the stuff to go into the church attic to have another sale later this year, during the summer. There was a lot of stuff left, and we were so grateful to have a lot of help packing it all out! So many helpers from our church family joined Mona, Rose and I at the church...Chad and Kindra, their friend Tad (who pitched right in despite never meeting us before), Dakota, Asian, Tommy, and even Andrew was a little worker bee.
There's still some more sale money floating in from church members and family that bought items but didn't have the money yesterday, but that's part of what makes the results even more miraculous. This coming week, to file our I-600A, we need a total of $830 (the $670 filing fee plus the $160 for fingerprints). Next week we'll need $175 to start our required online adoption class and as soon as we finish our home study packet we'll need another $800, etc, etc, etc.

But for just this week, we need $830. For being such a 'slow sale day', our total was $826. Our God is faithful...

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Jennifer M said...

Wow! Perfect!

Eric and April said...

Check Mark's jeans. Or maybe when he was doing a delivery he stopped for ice cream and didn't tell you.

You most likely miscounted by $4. :-D

Anonymous said...

OH how perfect He is!!