Saturday, July 10, 2010

I recognize this feeling

I have been driving myself to utter distraction ever since we got our "On Deck" email yesterday.  Thoughts of Karis and details and timeline guesses have filled my thoughts. 

And I realized that I have felt kind of like this before...almost exactly like this.  And it's happened to me three times before.

If you've been through this experience, I think you'll understand where I'm coming from.  You know what it's like when you go to your 38-week OB check up, and they tell you you're 2-3 cm dilated?  Which basically means you could feasibly go into labor any day...or not.  You could still wait it out two more weeks and then some.  But the fact that you are even a bit dilated is so encouraging, because it means progress is being made and that you're that much closer to holding your baby in your arms.

That's what I feel like. 
Just like being pregnant, except that I can still see my toes and I don't have heartburn.


Jennifer M said...

I just love having so many friends who have had children both by adoption and birth! It's great to hear the comparisons- the similarities and the differences.

And your last line made me laugh!

Kelly said...

That is really cute Wendy...especially like the last sentence!!

jjely said...

Well said!! I can't wait to meet your sister and hopefully your little Karis.It will be a highlight of the trip. Marge , Sarah and I were talking about that. :0)

Mom M said...

Smiles all around. Can't stop them!