Saturday, July 24, 2010

Update from Ethiopia!

Our agency has a yahoo group for everyone in the Ethiopia program, and it is the most amazing, prayerful, supportive group!  As families travel for court or embassy appointments, we can send care packages, have pictures taken, and receive updates! 
Erin was just there at the Transition Home to meet her baby girl and have their court appointment, and she graciously checked on Karis for me and gave me this message via facebook:

I checked on your precious L*- She was sitting in a bouncy seat right by the nanny- she looked up at me with sparkling clear eyes and she is so sweet- tiny, but you can see a spark in those eyes- She was bundled in a blanket all warm and snug- rest easy, she is in good care!!! Hoping you get to come soon! 

Thank you so much,'ve set my heart at ease!

*Karis is the name we've given her, but she still goes by her given name until she is legally ours.  We plan on keeping her given name as her middle name.  Until we pass court, we can't share any identifying information publicly.  

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Anonymous said...

SOoo good to hear! I am so thankful to hear from someone who has seen her. Continuing to pray!