Monday, July 12, 2010

Rainy Season

In the Ethiopian adoption world, there is a great deal of discussion, angst, and worry about when the court system will close for the rainy season.  I've heard rumor that it will be closed Aug. 6th through Sep. 27th

I've always found it odd that the US embassy will still issue visas during the rainy season, but that the federal courts close down.  On our Yahoo group today, a very thorough explanation was offered by someone who has already been there, done I thought I would share:

If you receive your referral during closures you'll be put in "line" at AWAA for assigning a court date once court reopens.  We received our referral last year on Sep 19 and our first court date was Dec 4 and assigned to us in November.

Although investigations should be able to "continue" during the court closures, remember that the courts close because of the rainy season.  This is because the road conditions become impossible to travel during this season, as well as major power issues etc.  Employees cannot get to work, witnesses cannot travel in.  Therefore, you have to understand that any investigations the embassy would be conducting could not be completed if the agents can't "get to work" or "get out to investigate."  Also, families do not travel during this time because the conditions are too difficult to travel in, so it would be highly unlikely for Embassy appts to be scheduled during this time.  It's truly a holding period in the program except for the beginning when the children brought into the TH are referred out.  But then there is a long lull in referrals since the whole "machine" stops and bows to the rain and the dirt road washed out conditions it brings. . . .  It's not simply that the courts take a vacation and that's the only part of the system that throws a kink in the gears. Every part of the country and it's happenings get hindered by the rain. . . .

It's simply part of the time table that God knew before He called you to this.  We received our referral for the kids right at the beginning of the court closure season and had to wait until the middle of January to travel and bring them home.  We understand how anxious that can make some of you, but it's a busy season here in America and it really does go by quickly, and as many kids who've spent the rainy season at the TH have told their families, it's a fun time for the kids in ET.  The staff does a wonderful job of entertaining them and making it a special vacation type season.

While it's not comforting to me at all to know that the older kids will be having fun during the rainy season...knowing that the earlier a child is in a loving family, the better; I do take comfort in the fact that it is part of the timetable God knew about all along!

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