Sunday, July 25, 2010

Referral Day Video!

After Andrew and I rec'd our referral call at home, we waited anxiously for Mark to get home from work PRONTO so we could open Karis' picture!

I called Kindra to see if she would come down and video us opening the email, and of course she said yes-it meant she got to be the first one outside of our family to see her!

At first it was frustrating because I wasn't paying attention to the fact that there were so many attachments that there was a scroll down for the attachment bar.  Once we realized the pictures were indeed there, we were pretty excited!

At any rate, I'm glad we captured the kids' first reactions to their new baby sister!


Mom M said...

Had to watch it twice - couldn't see the first time cuz of blurry eyes! Can't wait for Dad to see. Thanks for sharing such a special moment with us - also grateful for Erin's note.

Jennifer M said...

Aw, now I have teary eyes!! I had to laugh at your last line. I knew you were speaking to your sister, but you looked up at the camera and it appeared as if you asked the whole world, "Do you want to see the picture?" Makes me wonder how many "YES!!!!!!!!" comments you'll get. Still chuckling.

How sweet. I can't wait till she's in your arms.