Friday, July 9, 2010

"ON DECK!!!"

Okay, so AWAA doesn't include a bunch of "!!!!!'s" when they send the "on deck" email, but I sure do!

We got our official "On Deck" email today, which basically asks us to verify our child request, gives us info regarding accpeting our referral, etc, etc...and that we will likely receive our referral in 1-3 months!!!  Some people have their referral the next week, some wait longer.  There's really no way to tell.  But still, I'm so excited I'm crying.  So soon, baby girl, so soon. 


Rebecca said...

WOW you're fast. I thought I'd check your site to see if you had posted this, thinking "surely she hasn't...", but, you have! :)


Debb said...

YAY, GOD!!!! So excited for you to be on deck! Praying you see your daughter's face SOON!!!!! :o)

Jennifer M said...

YAY!!!!!!!!! I agree with the extra "!!!!!'s" :-) lol!

So happy, so excited!

I just can't wait! Any day now. Have you found yourself becoming obsessive compulsive about the phone now? ;-) ring, Ring, RING!!

jjely said...

YAYYYYYY!!!!!!!! :0) I am so excited for you all!!!