Friday, October 15, 2010

9 DAYS!!!

Just so you know, on this here blog this week, you may learn to count backwards better than ever before!

I had a crazy, wonderful day today.  My dear friend Kindra watched the kids for me, even doing all of their schooling with that I could go get ready for our trip!  Last night I spent hours poring over other people's travel advice from our agency, and then making one veeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry long  list,  Then Rebecca and I headed to Anchorage for a day of shopping!

We hit the $1 bins at Target pretty hard, and have tons of goodies to give out at the orphanages.  We found some nice little gifts for the nannies at the transition home where Karis lives.  And I got almost all of the necessary little travel incidentals...from hand sanitizer to a pair of comfy pants to wear on our 48-hour-journey.

At Costco, I did all of our grocery shopping to last us from now till we get back.  This coming week I'll be making dinners in double and freezing to make it easier for my mom, who is staying with the kiddos, to cook for some food-allergic kids. I also got our required 10 packs of baby wipes to bring to the transition home, and the most loved gift of all for nannies and drivers and such in Ethiopia:  chocolate!   

Overall, it was a very productive day, and I feel ready to break out the suitcases and get packing!


Jennifer M said...

Woo hoo!! Pictures! I want to see pictures of all the goods (ok, maybe not so much the dinner fixings). :-) Hopefully you'll get it all to fit in your travel gear.

Dustin & Megan said...

does it seem real yet? it's so awesome that you're so close to travelling.