Monday, October 4, 2010


We just received word from America World that we have a court date scheduled for October 29th!!! 

We have to be in-country by the evening of October 26th, and we finally get to meet Karis on Wednesday, October 27th!!!  I am so excited I could burst!!!

PLEASE start praying now with us that we pass court the first time around (there is a 50% pass rate, with no reflection on the families's all a matter if every document and letter that is required actually finds its way into our file). 

Also, please be praying that we are HOME BY CHRISTMAS!!!  (Thanksgiving is still remotely within the realm of possibility, though not highly likely).  There is typically a 4-6 week wait between a court date and an embassy appointment .  If we don't pass court the first time, or if the US Embassy is backed up for any reason, it could delay our appointment schedule.  SO, please pray for the Spirit of God to move on our behalf!


Kim said...

Oh congratulations! (Ali pointed me to your site, and what a great first day to visit!)

Alison said...

Wow! so exciting! Fred asked (and now I'm wondering), are you bringing the whole family or are the 3 staying with someone while you are in Ethiopia?

Debb said...

Sharing in your JOY! So exciting! You can now count the DAYS until you hold Karis in your arms! Praise God! Enjoy cloud nine!

The Davidsons said...

Wonderful news!! I will be excited to read all about your upcoming trip. Congrats!!


Mark and Wendy said...

Thanks, everyone! Robyn, thanks to "Other People's Advice," I had all the travel agency #'s at my fingertips and got it booked pretty quickly!

Jennifer M said...

Woo hoo!! A court date, a court date!! Hallelujah!! Congrats. So very excited. And yes, let's bring that baby home before Christmas! (Not that Christmas in Ethiopia is a bad thing- wink!- but in this case, history really does NOT need to repeat itself!)