Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day Two!

Update from Wendy via e-mail (a few new adorable pics on private blog as well!)

"We had a great day today, just super busy. It's hard to believe that we've actually only been in Ethiopia for 2 full feels like weeks, though not in a bad way!

This morning we had our meeting with Duni (the Eth. coordinator), and we're all hopeful and praying that God answers Andrew's prayers for a Thanksgiving homecoming! She is highly hopeful & somewhat expectant, that IF all of our paperwork is processed in typical time frame that we'll be back the week of Thanksgiving! And that because of the holiday, they will likely be pushing to actually handle our cases earlier in the week, and that we could be flying home on Thanksgiving Day!

After that we went shopping, which was fun for me-not so fun for Mark! Then we went to Makush restaurant for lunch (we split a grilled chicken pizza) and then went to the Transition Home to see Karis!

She was fussy at first, and had lots of spit up, and just kept rubbing her eyes! She was so sleepy, but didn't want to sleep! We finally just walked around the property till she fell asleep. We also met with the TH doctor to go over her known health history, and to have answered any questions we had. We didn't have many-he was very thorough and professional. She didn't gain any weight in the past month, but is obviously healthy and happy!

After she woke up, she was so incredibly happy! She kept spitting up so I just kept changing her clothes into the ones I had brought to check for size. Size 3 mos fits her perfectly now, so moving into the 6 mos. outfits for when she comes home! But she loves having her clothes changed and loved having nothing on!

It was hard as usual to say good-bye to her...but it does help knowing how attentive the nannies are. Then we came back to the guest house and I did computer stuff...emailing pictures to families, messaging with updates about other kiddos, and getting pictures off the camera.

We went to a traditional Ethiopian restaurant for dinner. The music and dancing was great, but let's just say that I took off my shopping list an injera mat! Believe it or not, Mark actually liked it more than I did!

Tomorrow we will start early b/c several of us had a few more items to shop for, and then we'll visit two different orphanages. And after lunch, it will be back to see Karis!

Friday morning will be difficult, as we will have the opportunity to meet Karis' uncle and to ask him any questions. Then court in the afternoon, and hopefully time to visit Karis."

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