Friday, October 8, 2010

Cleared for Travel!

Praise the Lord...the court has confirmed our appointment for October 29th!!!

We were able to rebook our exact same flights for the nearly the exact same we leave here the night of the 24th and return the night of Nov. 1st! 

Thank you so much for praying with us...16 days to pack, get donations for the orphanages gathered, get my kids squared away for while we're gone, and celebrate Jacob's birthday!


Alison said...


Dustin & Megan said...

so so so excited for you! it's funny when you think about 16 days and on one hand it seems like a ways off but on the other hand there is so much to it seems so soon. prayers as you prepare for this journey

Jennifer M said...

Such wonderful news!!

(I am sorry I haven't been around to support you this past week! We were in MN with limited connectivity, and I'm just now catching up on all the drama you've been through. I'm so glad it all ended well- and right back where you started too!)