Tuesday, October 26, 2010

First Day with Karis!

"We arrived safely in Eth. and have already put in a full day with lots of time loving on our baby girl! She's amazing and sweet and too adorable for words! Flights were all good, w/ space to spread out on the DC-Addis leg of it, and all of our bags made it!

On the group itinerary, we were slated to bring our donations to the Transition home today...so from the time we got in, got through immigration, & got to the Guest House, we had exactly 45 minutes to shower and get all of our luggage shuff...led around so that all the donations were in one bag, and then off to the Transition Home to meet Karis! It was surreal, finally holding her. Yes, I cried...thankfully she did not! We have video and pictures of the whole thing! She was very serious the whole morning, and a bit fussy. After lunch we went back to the TH, and after handing out care pkgs, I went in to see her and they scooped her right up out of her nap to hand her to me! But she was surprisingly good natured for having been woken up. We actually got some smiles out of her, and then we got to feed her her bottle. Then she fell asleep in my arms, and we curled up on the couch on the porch and had a little nap together! And it's been a long time since I've had baby spit up on me, but she sure made up for it today-not complaining a bit! Then the nannies changed her clothes from all the spit up, and she LOVES to have her clothes changes-she smiled and giggled and we got some of it on video! Such a precious first day with our daughter!

We had such fun giving out care packages today! I will try to email pics from here tonight, and pray that the internet is fast enough!"


Kim said...

Congratulations, Wendy (and Mark, too)!

It IS almost magical, those first few days when they're YOURS... FINALLY!

Just keep in mind that she has no idea what's going on, and it may take her a little while to be actually "happy" about the "becoming" part of your family part. I didn't really grasp that with our boys till much later. She needs you to help her grow to trust you and to see that you ARE going to be great adoptive parents. She's unsure right now (of COURSE, 'cause she didn't know you were coming).

Hope that doesn't come across as too bossy... I just wish I had noticed the signs up-front with our kids, when they were feeling overwhelmed.

I am very thankful to God for what he's done for your family and for her. So begins the next adventure! So worth it.

Debb said...

YAY! So happy to hear you have held her in your arms! may God continue to bless your time with her! Enjoy the divine magic of your union! :o)

The Davidsons said...

So happy to read about your first day together!! Can't wait to see pictures!! See you soon!! Robyn